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The quick succession of of big news update wasn`t planned, but I recently announced a new "Item Enhancement" feature which currently allows you to work on a new stat +defence%, which will be most loved by tanks, but very useable for everyone else, too. Click the link below to check that out.

League 25 has been this artificial ceiling since Mythic Reign opened. The reason for stopping at League 25 was to give people a clear and reachable goal to work towards. People rushed to it more quickly that I anticipated, and we ended up having a few people up there twirling their thumbs.

Although the game is far from over when you reach L25, it seemed to have created a sort of phycological ceiling that was not intended. I did try to remedy this by adding a Prestige system - which was successful - however that non-moving 25 was still off-putting to some.

From today, the Leagues will continue past League 25.

When you hit L25 and you gain access to all the cool extra locations and features, and then you League up one League at a time for every 10 Prestiges. The reward for Leaguing up is tripled based on the reward for a single Prestige increase.

So as it stands now, we have League 1 - which is a sort of training League. The standard 2-24 regular Leagues, and now Leagues that go from 25 and beyond which give you access to new cities with higher powered equipment, boosts and much more.

- Temp

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