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The Mythic Reign Ultimate Pass

Many people each month keep up their Elite, get some Amber, and also buy every special that comes out. Gotta have those sweet sweet trinkets. Today, I`m offering a way to reward those players who donate regularly to the game to the give them an all inclusive package. Subscribing to this monthly pack gives you:

- Every Special Mega pack that gets released
- Unlimited Elite (while sub is active)
- Ultimate Elite status
- Choose your Elite icon colour
- Trinket [+50] when you signup
- A care package of 5 B-tokens, 50 Amber and 5 Amber for your domain each month

Subscribe now by clicking the link below!

In other news, I`ve added over 60 new challenges and made some further tweaks to Chiamora. I look forward to growing her further and perhaps even introducing a friend.

- Temp

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