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5 Years + New Layout Coming

Mythic Reign is coming up to being 5 years old. The game has exceeded my expectations, even as it stands today. However, I`m going to take this milestone to make some changes to lay the path for Mythic Reign`s next 5 years.

In hindsight, I have made a few errors in judgement along the way. The big one being the League 25 "end point". The L25 endpoint was to give people a genuine goal they could strive for and reach. Turns out, people dont really care for that and sort of thing as an end game, so I regret that. I will be blurring the line of L25 being the "top" and scale things in future to be L30 etc.

Over the next few weeks Mythic Reign will be going through some changes. I will begin to blur the line of L25 being the `end`, I will be going through almost every single page of the game and get rid of all the bloat and unnecessary and "filler" features, and best of all, to celebrate half a decade in I will be upgrading the overall look of the game for the first time. I have done my best not to meddle with muscle memory too much, but some things will be moved around, and we`ll be ditching the grey for some more blue. I will be adding it and upgrading it live on the game so you`ll see the process over the few days if you`re online.

Happy new year!

- Temp

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