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Over the last couple weeks Mythic Reign got the biggest update ever that you`ll not see. It seems so anticlimactic to work so hard on something that nobody (including myself) can truly appreciate in a visual or obvious way. However, it needed to be done as the old operating system was emailing me every morning "END OF LIFE END OF LIFE". Is this our future? To be told what to do by automated computer systems? I digress...

It took some tinkering because as operating systems advance and people like myself are set in their ways, it means having to learn a few new tricks. Especially as code requirements are getting more and more fussy (which is the reason why HTML won`t acknowledge hex code colors anymore without the # in front. I look forward to what else pops up like that).

For now though, please report any strange errors or differences you run into on the below thread.

Thank you for your patience.

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