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A new month means a new round of Prestige! This month, I`ve made some further tweaks and added some extra prizes. Last month, I put a bit more emphasis on the weekly tasks, but I have now backtracked that move. The reason for that is the added frustration of missing out on big chunks of Prestige exp if you can`t get on at the end of the week, along with the fact that weeks can be different from month to month. April for example has 4 opportunities to claim weekly tasks, but May would have 5. So to smooth over those bumps in the months, I have put the emphasis a bit more back on the daily tasks.

I have also added some prizes for those who love the race. For each month:

1st person to Prestige 50 wins 50 SP
2nd person to Prestige 50 wins 35 SP
3rd person to Prestige 50 wins 25 SP
4th person to Prestige 50 wins 15 SP
5th person to Prestige 50 wins 10 SP

Also a one-time trinket will be rewarded for being in the first 5 to Prestige 50.

- Temp

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