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September Event Month

September is a special month for Mythic Reign. And this year, I`m going all out. Quests & crazy giveaways!

I`ve made some changes as the community has previously suggested:
- A new $70 price point (for 150 Amber) Amber pack has been added, and a few layout tweaks to the payment pages.
- King/Queen has been merged once again. If a L25 player gets the crown, they still get the blue one and some extra SP for being L25.
- Quick attack perk now purchasable for use without Elite.
- Alts now appear on the daily leaderboards again.

Special Events For September
- Amber packs now show the amazing extra gifts you get throughout this month, which can include free Amber for your domain!
- Throughout September whoever gets top species gets a free Amber every day.
- Double LP at the Element Arena (Phase 1 & 2).
- 1 in 4 chance getting a free B-Token claiming the 999 `Fight` Daily.
- 1 in 3 chance getting a free SP claiming the 500 `Fight` Daily.

September Quest Month
And of course, September Quest Month is upon us once more. Throughout the month over 40 new quests will be added. This includes regular, Amber and group quests.

- Temp

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