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Chiamora Continued

These changes and fixes have been made to Chiamora before she rears her head this week per your feedback and further internal testing.

-- Fixed error when she was taking energy when she shouldn`t (have given everyone 350 energy to plug this gap)
-- Everyone can kill Chiamora 50 times, and now 5 more times each hour she`s active, as long as your "kills left" is under 50.
-- Rewards are given when you kill her at least 50 times, you won`t get anything killing her 49 and under.
-- Rewards have been increased if she`s killed in the first 4 hours
-- You will get a personal news notification displaying your reward if you earned one
-- Each time she appears she will have a new hour timer, if she is killed before that hour timer she will require 5 less kills next week
-- The coins lost during battle due to Chiamora is now displayed at the bottom
-- Reduced the amount of battle hits to 100 so it doesn`t lag out for builds who`s battles go on forever
-- Fixed error where other kills could count as kills against her

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