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New Domain Clashes & DL

Two new domain features are here today. One big, one small.

DL is a new stat, that starting from today, records and gives an overview of your domain efforts into one simple number. It is displayed on your left bar, profiles, and leaderboard pages. To earn DL, you can do the following:

+3 DL when you claim daily or DK domain morale
+5 DL when you complete the reward task
+100 DL when you score at least 5,000 rally valor in any week
+100 DL when you score at least 50,000 rally valor in any week
+100 DL when you score at least 2,500 clash valor in any week

Domain Clash
To compliment Domain Rallies, another day of the week will be randomly assigned where domains clash (damn that`s some cool word play). At the start of the week, a random day is chosen and all domains will fight one another, and the top domains will earn prizes at the end of the week. Earning clash Valor is similar to rallies, but somewhat simplified. These new Clashes will start from this week, so watch out!

- Temp

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