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New Server For 2019

We started 2019 with a new polished look, updated colors, and a new font (which is still being worked on and improved). Today I am happy to talk about moving server, which is currently this "". (You may not have even noticed you`re on a different domain.)

I have been looking at moving to a new provider for several reasons recently. The most important was backup & security. On the previous service, the backups were done daily and whether you noticed or not it took the server down for around 5-10 minutes to do it. It was also an unmanaged service, and as management fees are high, I`ve been keeping the server moderated myself, but I am no server expert so it`s a gift the game is still running to this day.

This new service benefits from included software updates with no knowledge or effort required on my part, and hourly backups every hour of every day without the need for server downtime. I`ve always hated the daily backup because I knew if something were to go wrong it would be 1 minute before the backup and we`ll lose a whole day of play.

Another benefit, is it offers less storage (which we don`t need) but higher RAM speeds (which we need). It`s also a little cheaper, so I can assign more budget to advertising.


The downside is that I`m forced up a couple versions of MySQL, which means there will be some incompatibly. The main issues MR will run into is my style of setting variable defaults on the database level, which is now required on the code level. Please go to the link below to report any weird errors you encounter.

If all goes well (this is a free trial month of this service, so no loss either way), I will point the domain here and we`ll continue on like nothing ever happened.

Currently, due to password managers and autofills, you can login on the domain as before then click the `click here to continue...` button to come over to this new server, or you can go direct to to login. I know the former may cause some issues with certain firewalls.

To report bugs and glitches, please go to the link below.

Thank you for your patience, understanding and assistance.

- Temp

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