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New Species War + Timezone

All-New Species War
On Monday August 5th there will be a 3-day species war. However, it`s going to be a little different this time. Each of the 3 days will be scored individually, and then tallied at the end of the war.

So on day 1, the top species will earn 10 points for wins, and 10 points for exp. Second place will earn 9 points for wins and 9 points for exp, and so on. Then day 2 will be the same, and then day 3. The points earned over the 3 days and those point totals will decide the top rankings species for the war.

See the table linked below for more information.

MR Timezone
I have begun work on making MR operate on its own timezone. Although the transition phase should be largely unnoticeable on your end, the goal is to keep MR functioning in its own time rather than flip flopping around different timezones around the world. This will be phased in over the next couple weeks so I apologize in advance for any weird time glitches.

- Temp

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