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5 New MR Species


For quite a while now it has been suggested that we expand the Mythic Reign species pool. After many polls and discussions, I`ve decided to go ahead and choose the top 5 new species to add to the game. While I`d love to add every species under the sun, in the real world, it`s not really feasible, sadly.

The 5 new species are:
- Dragon
- Elf
- Dwarf
- Spirit
- Centaur

Other Notes/Tweaks:
- Daily top species replaced with "royalty contenders". Same 500 win requirement applies for bonus Exp.
- All quests and challenges that related to top species have been replaced with royal contender placements. Current progress will not reset and will continue using your previous top species stats.
- Change species Amber perk reduced to 5 Amber for a limited time.

A new species celebration pack has been added, which includes the 5+ Amber to make your change should you desire it.

bon appetit.

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