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After a night of passionate loving making, daily tasks and challenges were exhausted. What they didn`t know at the time was they created a love-child like nothing ever seen before. They created Deeds.

Deeds are new list-based challenges that can (and will) include all sorts of different tasks and activities. Completing a list will unlock a nice care package of SP and a unique trinket for each completed list. You can also spy on other people`s deed lists via their profiles. To get to yours, either go to the new section on the HOUSE tab, or if on mobile, go to your tasks page. More Deeds will be added slowly over time, for your future enjoyment.

It`s extra free SP and trinkets, so why the hell not, eh?

Have a great thanksgiving, and don`t spend too much money on Black Friday (excluding here > of course).
- Temp

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