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Recoded Demigods + 2 New Ones

Over the last few weeks I have been working on rethinking the Demigods. I love the concept of having some big thing pop up at random that everyone has to work together to take out, so today I am announcing that the demigods have been recoded from the ground up, and i`m going at them with a slightly different angle now.

First, there are two more demigods that join Chiamora and Aquiris. They are Mondo the wind demigod, and Shale the earth demigod. Now the elemental demigod collection is complete!

Starting Monday 13th January, a Demigod will appear every day of the week. However, you have only 6 hours to defeat them (rather than 12) but the attacks and energy provided is (about) halved. You can attack a demigod 30 times (using 30 energy) and then 5 times an hour thereafter. The exp and SP payouts should average higher than before, with less energy required, plus they`ll soon be a new daily and new challenges for even more rewards.

When I started this idea with Chiamora, I wanted to incorporate it into the game battles, but as time went on, this actually became a bit of a behind-the-scenes issue with improving and scaling the feature. Especially as what you`re technically attacking is one of my alts. So now they`ve been separated and given their own simple battle script.

The guide is open for viewing whether there is an attack or not: and you can also get a bit more information at the Divinity Transcripts:

Please excuse any bugs with this new feature. I will be watching it closely to make sure it all runs smoothly. As always, I`m open to suggestions and ideas to improve this feature moving forward. There are a couple more things I want to add, but I don`t want to bite off more than I can chew in one sitting.

- Temp

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