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Introducing monthly Prestige

At the start of 2020, I announced I wanted to clean up the League system. When the game started, League 25 was an endpoint. At the time, it was actually quite a bold and intriguing thing to do. However, people liked the game more than I anticipated and wanted more beyond that. So, I created the Prestige system to give a League type experience after League 25. Then later again, I let the Leagues continue after 25. Reading that now, you can agree it`s a bit of a mess. I couldn`t even tell you off the top of my head anymore what level or prestige amounts you need to league up here or there... so yeah, it`s time for a cleanup.

Last week, I made a little script to show what would happen to your League and Level after these changes to give you an idea. What`s basically happened, is that Leagues are now ongoing and Prestige has been removed from the League system and will be used elsewhere (explained shortly).

Now finally the "endpoint" line of League 25 has completely faded away. You will now continue (forever) to League up after every 50 level ups. So now it`s much more simple and easier to follow as we move forward.

In regards to Prestige, that is now a recurring monthly reward system. We have daily tasks and some weekly tasks, so you can sort of summarize Prestige as monthly tasks. You`ll see your Prestige on the left with its` own exp bar. You fill that bar completing certain tasks and game activities, and you can get up to Prestige 50 in a month. At the start of a new month, you`re put back to Prestige 1 to be able to claim the rewards again.

As March will be the first month of this new Prestige system, I`ll be using the month to test out the concept, and will be welcoming feedback from everyone as we go through the month. And during the last few days of February you`ll see Prestige pop up on related pages, as well as updating literature around the game.

Thank you
- Temp

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