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The Great Inactive Purge

I never thought this day would come, (party because I didn`t think we`d ever get to a stage where it would be needed), but it`s time to purge the ones no longer with us.

Starting next week, I will begin to remove characters from the game that are no longer used. The reason for this is to help speed up page loads of the game for those playing today. No longer will I hold onto the past to at the expense of the future.

I will begin by deleting level 1 alt character on accounts where the primary character has not been logged in for over 60 days and does not have elite days.

This will clear a good few thousand. Sadly, I can`t send out a mass email on that scale because it`ll all go to junk and hurt MR`s message email notification status with email providers. I will post this around our social media, and if you know someone personally who know longer plays who you think may want to keep their characters, tell them to login.

And don`t forget about double morale and DL throughout June that was announced earlier.

- Temp

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