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Clash/Rally Tweaks (Part 1)

Greetings Citizens of Ozryn,

Today I have a host of tweaks to rallies and clashes that will hopefully satisfy your taste buds. This is part 1 or 2, with part 2 coming later in the month.

1) Your Rally day & Clash day will yield +20% pvp exp bonus and +20% pvp coin bonus for everyone taking part
2) It now costs 5 keys to challenge a domain map spot
3) New key payouts. Get 10 keys for winning the weekly rally, 8 for coming 2nd, 6 for coming 3rd, 4 for coming 4th, and 2 for coming 5th
4) Created a hard back link after valor punch/kick/slamming to take you back to the correct page to do it again
5) Reduced the valor punch/kick/slamming code to 1 digit, and the cursor automatically selected the code box on page load
6) Gender icon added to battle lists

Best of luck
- Temp

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