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Clash/Rally Tweaks (Part 2)

Greetings, citizens of Ozryn! As I continue to look at our domains, I have made some further changes to compliment the part 1 tweaks I made last month.

Challenge Domain Map Spot In Weekly Clash
At the moment, to grab a spot on the domain map, you have to challenge another domain, and whichever domain gets the highest Valor in their Rally that week, gets that spot. I am now extending it to Clashes. So, you can choose ANOTHER spot to challenge, and if you earn more Valor than that domain in that week`s Clash, you`ll get that spot, too.

Rally Records
A while ago I started recording Clash valor score records. I have now extended that to rallies. It`s displayed on public under the "Last Weekly Rally Results" section, and will start recording from today. Also, your own personal rally and clash records are now recorded. Although keep in mind, if you leave your domain, those stats will be reset. You can see these personal records on the domain member list, and on your own domain house tab.

Other Tweaks
+ Replaced "online players" and female/male elite" bonused with "Players With T And A In Their Name" and "Another Species" and "Another Element".
+ Made some layout tweaks to the domain rally page
+ At least 10k valor must be earned to take a domain map spot, up from 100 (don`t even know why that`s so low).

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