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Clash/Rally Tweaks (Part 3)

In my journey to improve and expand our rally & clash offerings, last time I made some changes to introduce clashes into the domain map mix. There are some downsides to that, which were more severe than I had anticipated, so instead of trying to beat around the bush and tweak it to death, I agreed with some of the feedback to say that clash should get its own map. So from today, Clash indeed gets its own map.

There are 30 empty slots which can now be claimed (and later challenged). The cost of these slots will depend on your clash score THIS WEEK. So after a Clash - and before Sunday night - is when you need to go claim these spots.

All current keys are now "Rally Keys", which are earned via Rallies. And "Clash Keys", which can be spent on the new clash side of the map, is earned via Clash at the same rate. Get 13 keys for winning the weekly clash, 10 for coming 2nd, 8 for coming 3rd, 5 for coming 4th, and 3 for coming 5th.

Other changes include the domain map now only displaying on its dedicated page, alts being able to access both clash and rally pages, as well as the score ratio added throughout rally and clash live and after stats.

- Temp

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