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Happy New Year, Mythic Reign!

2021 is here. And while 2020 has finally ended, it probably won`t feel like it for a little while. There is some cool stuff coming this year, but always remember I am here working for you. If you want to see something in the game, create a suggestion forum thread. I love hearing your ideas.

For now though, I have a few new domain things for you. 10 new clash slots on the map have been added, and you can now donate Aura Stones to your domain. Also, starting from today, domains can now house trinkets. Those trinkets add to the stats of all the members in that domain.

There are 2021 special packs available until January 17th, along with 2 new domain packs which have domain trinkets in them to get the domain trinket ball rolling.

Have a happy and healthy 2021
- Temp

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