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Halloween 2021

Halloween is upon us once again! Here`s what`s happening this month starting October 18th.

Free Boosts
During the event, everyone will earn an extra 20% PvP exp and coins, as well as 3 extra energy every 10 minutes, Use it wisely!

Pumpkin Hunt
9 pumpkins have been hidden. Find them for candy!

Ghost Friend
My fave feature - the Ghost friend - is back. Grab a ghost friend every day who can give you an assortment of boosts.

Candy Picker
Gamble some SP for more (or less) SP, and get some candy for taking part.

Witch`s Broom
Some special tasks. Complete them for... you guessed it, candy.

Candy King
What`s the point of all this candy if you can`t spend it? This is where you do it.

Yay Specials!
And of course, some Halloween special packs are available as well full of the much desired Trinkets for you and your domains.

- Temp

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