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Demi-Gods, Now It`s Personal

It started with Chiamora, and then 3 more Demi-Gods also joined in with the attempted destruction of Ozryn. With your help, the Demi-Gods were kept at bay each week, and thankfully they`ve yet to fully penetrate our lands. Let`s hope it stays that way.

I love the concept of these big things poking in at random times that require an action from multiple people, but over the last few months the Demi-Gods has sort of staled and been largely ignored. Even though the lack of action has resulted in 519,822,651 coins taken from all your battles while they were active. I think people were getting skimmed more than they realize.

Today, I am changing up the the Demi-Gods and making them personal. The Demi-Gods now appear once per day each at random times that are unique to you. The negative effects come in when they arrive, and you must beat them back to clear it off with a reductive in defeats required. No longer are you punished for other people not joining in. The exp reward has been slightly increased, and there are new SP monthly milestones that can be earned depending on how many Demi-Gods you defeat during the month.

Things may change (as they always do) as I see this play out, but of course any tweaks will be declared on the game news page.

Good luck
- Temp

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