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New DK Changes

Today I have tweaked how DK (Domain Kills) work. The Domain Morale tasks have been updated to take into account these changes, and there`s also a new battle list added to easily seek out the top paying players.

Starting from today, you can earn up to 3 DK per kill, as displayed below. Keep in mind the there`s only half a week`s worth of data regarding the top paying players, so it won`t be until the week beginning 29th May until things fully have a week in the bank, if that makes sense.

+1 DK For players in YOUR domain
+2 DK For players in ANY OTHER domain
+3 DK For players in ANY domain that earned DK in last week`s Clash or Rally

Edit May 28th
As previously announced, I have also tweaked the Rally & Clash Valor bonuses.

Valor Last Week (Them) +2 Valor
DK Battle (You) +DK Valor*

DK Battle (You) +DK Valor*

So basically, attacks on players who earned Valor last week during rally or clash (who can be found here: will pay out an addition +2 Valor. And there`s also a Valor bonus based off the value of DK your attack earns you.

- Temp

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