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Upgrades To Messages

I`ve been asked for a while now to make messages a little bit better. So today, I have implemented two of the most asked-for features when it comes to messages.

The first is a preview. Whenever you send a new message you`ll see a new checkbox that you can tick if you want to double-check your message. You even get a little preview showing it`ll look to the person you`re sending it to. The reply textbox will be prefilled with the message you typed giving you one last chance to make any changes, and then you can send it.

The second is seeing recent replies more clearly. Previously, the last message that was sent was incorporated into the new message you reply with. To make it a little more clear, all new messages sent from right now will display the recent messages you`ve sent and received in that particular message thread. This makes it super easy and clear to go back and see what you are replying to. This will only work on message threads going forward. A notice will pop up to tell you to send a new message if you try to reply to an old message, prompting you to move on to a new thread.

Happy messaging!
- Temp

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